Forgetting to remember

Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

Deuteronomy 4:9

One of our biggest weaknesses is our memory. God knows our vulnerability to forget, which is why He instructs us frequently in His Word to remember. He knows that there is supernatural power in remembering. For when we live conscious of the God who invades the impossible, we elevate Him instead of the difficult situation. If we recall daily how God came through before in our finances, our reaction to problems will change. For example, if you live to remember and suddenly you get an unexpected medical bill in the mail, you are not overwhelmed with the problem. And that is because your focus is on the character of God that you have seen before that you have record of in the past. You have known Him as your provider to supernaturally take care of all your needs. And because you have that testimony at the forefront of your conversations with others and your own thoughts, it gets triggered when another opportunity for you to see God as Jehovah Jireh presents itself. May we never neglect to reflect on our own personal history with God. Forgetting is one of the most reckless ways to live as a believer. It will cost you your destiny, and the destinies of your children. And since we default to forgetting, we must make the effort to remember.


This deficiency of forgetting is why we see the Lord constantly instructing people to remember certain things. If we look at Israel, we see that they were instructed to keep something called the testimony, which was the record of all the ways God supernaturally intervened in their lives. The ark of the covenant was also known as the ark of the testimony. The chest contained three things: Aaron’s rod, the ten commandments, and a pot of manna. The rod reminded Israel of the miracles God did when He brought them out of Egypt, and the manna was a reminder of how God preserved them in the wilderness. Both of those articles served as physical records of God’s faithfulness to them.

Unfortunately, throughout the Old Testament, we see Israel go from seasons of following God and having victory and prosperity to seasons of idolatry that led them back into bondage. What a drastic change! So, how did they go from obeying the Lord to idol worship?

They forgot to remember.

Israel forgot God’s laws, His values, and the evidence of His power. And Israel was surrounded by nations who followed other gods, and their hearts were persuaded to seek protection and power from idols. Keeping the testimony had been a repellent of idol worship. It kept their hearts centered on the goodness of God which diminished the attraction of other gods. But the Jewish people stopped using the repellent, and they fell away.


The word for testimony in Hebrew means to repeat or do something again. It also means the continuance of the past or present event again. Testimony is linked with the word remember. And when we remember what God did, it is not about simply recalling the past, but it is a call to action. The testimony has power to remind God of what He did and call Him to do it again. I remember listening to Dutch Sheets talk about the power of a testimony. A Rabbi was telling him that they were seeing miracles because they were sending people that had been healed of a certain disease to those who were still struggling with it. The testifiers would stand over them all day and share their testimony. They repeated what God did for them, and that same power began to flow. They testified, so God did it again! We put God in remembrance when we testify of His miracles and healing. If you are sick, I would encourage you to find the testimonies. Let it cause your faith to rise up and call upon the Lord to remember you and do it again!

Jesus says in the book of John, “The words that I say to you are spirit and life.” They are alive because the words He said are tapping into something that is eternal and when you speak them…life comes forth today! Confession is saying the same things that God said. And when we say what He said, the same power is released! The Word written has power, but it is only one side of a sword. If you want to use a double-edged sword in your spiritual battles, you have to say it out loud. Confess the Word of God and you will cripple the enemy.


Timothy was in over his head, and Paul gives him instructions for the warfare he was going to encounter. Paul encourages Timothy and says, “use your prophecies as weapons as you wage spiritual warfare by faith and with a clean conscience.” When Timothy did this, he was doing more than just encouraging himself with those prophecies. Timothy put God’s word on his tongue (on his mouth) and power was immediately released. There will be times in your life when God has given you revelation about your future, and something suddenly positions itself in your way. That is the moment to change your approach in the battle. The method you must use is to pick up the Word that God said to you and speak it out loud. You have to say it even when it looks impossible. It is more than just positive thinking. Repeating a prophetic word releases the breaker to smash through the wall of impossibility that is standing in your way. God is saying, “Go to war with the prophecies!”


In the gospel of Luke, Jesus partakes in the Passover meal with His disciples, and during the meal He passes out the bread saying, “This loaf is my body, which is now being offered to you. Always eat it to remember me.” In the church of the book of Acts, communion was not a ritual, but a way of remembering what Jesus did for them. The Bible says that they met together every day in the temple courts and in one another’s homes to celebrate communion. Sadly, many believers have neglected communion in their own homes and reserve it for church once a month. The reason it saddens me is because they are neglecting the privilege to commune with God. When we partake in the Lord’s supper, we get to experience the power of the cross again! Not only are you remembering the covenant, but you are reminding God of His promise too. And when God remembers covenant, everything that He has said comes into play in our present time. We take communion daily as a family because it is important to us to remember what Jesus did for us then, and what is possible for us now. The culture we live in is desperately trying to attract our attention. But we must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and take every advantage He has provided.

“So be very careful how you live, not being like those with no understanding, but live honorably with true wisdom, for we are living in evil times. Take full advantage of every day as you spend your life for his purposes.”

Ephesians 5:15-16

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