Becoming Stewards of Breakthrough

Enter His gates with a song of thanksgiving
And His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him, bless and praise His name.

For the Lord is good;
His mercy and lovingkindness are everlasting,
His faithfulness [endures] to all generations.

Psalm 100:4-5 (TPT)

NISSAN: A Time for Prison doors to open

Nissan is one of the most important months, and it begins the season of spring. One of the Hebrew words for spring is also the word for repentance. Spring is a wonderful picture of repentance as you are coming out of a dead winter season and positioning yourself to bring forth new life and to flourish. Nissan is also the first month of the Biblical Calendar, transitioning us into the Spring Festivals. Passover is the first of these feasts, and the entire month of Nissan is a prolonged festival. It’s a month of redemption, and a month that sets the course for your future. This is a time when we must ask God to show us how to enter the full redemptive plan for our lives.

There are many believers who are not walking in the fulness of their spiritual inheritance. God wants to realign your heart and give you an opportunity to receive that which your ancestors lost. God can redeem time, do you believe that? He wants to restore the time wasted and accelerate people into their destiny. You have to understand that a price has been paid for you, and Jesus has unlocked every prison door that has held you captive. It would be wise for you to make a list of your prison doors and declare that you are opening and passing through each one.

What has imprisoned you? Is it poverty, anxiety, depression, oppression, restriction, or sickness? Name those spiritual prisons that are holding you back for God’s fulness and begin to ask the Lord for the promise attached to those situations. For every hardship, there is a promise and a provision. For Joseph, there was a promise of promotion given to him by a dream. I am sure Joseph rehearsed that prophetic dream over and over, reminding himself of what God said his future would look like. And wherever there is a promise, God has provision. We need to trust God that He will make a way where there is no other way. Like the Israelites at the edge of the Red Sea, there was physically no way for them to escape their enemies that were threatening to take them back into bondage. Maybe that is how you are feeling about a situation in your life. Have the doctor’s told you there is no cure? Has a door of opportunity closed in your face? Have you been crying out for breakthrough and seen none? Whatever the situation you find yourself in, God has positioned you for breakthrough.

Jesus, Our Passover Lamb

The first Passover was a prophetic window to see Israel’s coming Messiah. In the book of Exodus, Moses was contending with God and Pharaoh for their physical and spiritual freedom from slavery. God had given the promise to Moses that He would take His people out of slavery, and He was not going to go back on His word. Egypt’s economy, people, and land were already devastated by the past nine plagues, but Pharaoh was stubbornly refusing to listen to Yahweh. After the last couple of plagues, Pharaoh tried to compromise with Moses. He told Moses that he would let them go worship their God, but they had to leave something behind. Moses refused these offers because it wasn’t what God had instructed.

Isn’t that like what happens today? The enemy wants you to make compromises in your life so you can stay enslaved to something. Whether it is sickness, addiction, or some other form of oppression, Satan doesn’t want to move out of your life. He is stubborn, and I’ve seen many believers struggling to get free from his destructive clutches. He wants to wear you down, because if he can do that, you will never make it to the promised land. Are you growing weary? Is your heart growing sick because of hope being deferred? You are not alone! Do not give up or give in my friends! God is with you, and I decree the Lord is breaking through!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9 (NIV)

Israel was instructed to take a lamb without blemish and kill it. After they killed it, they were instructed to take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and the lintel of the houses in which they would eat it. They ate the flesh of the lamb with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. It’s important to note that Israel was told to eat all the lamb, even the inward parts. When Israel followed the Lord’s instructions, the Lord promised that His righteous judgement would pass over them. The blood of the lamb would be a sign of His covenant, and those under the blood would not die but live! Doesn’t this sound like Jesus?

It doesn’t stop there. Not only were His people saved from death and judgement, but they were also given complete healing. If you look at Psalm 105, you will see an accurate depiction of this.

He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble person among their tribes.

Psalm 105:37 (KJV)

The Exodus account tells how the Israelites “borrowed” jewels from the Egyptians (Exodus 12:35), but this verse also indicates that not a “feeble person” was among them. This mass healing may be a result of them eating all of the lamb prior to their departure from Egypt. The Lord knew what this journey would require and so He gave strength and healing to the entire multitude (Stone, 899). That means that the young and the old were in perfect health, all two million of them. What a prophetic message of what Jesus would bring through the cross.

Unfortunately, many “believers” today have built a theology to explain why some people do not get healed on earth. According to scripture, this theology is biblically inaccurate, and it is a compromise to the fullness that Jesus died to give to us. Yes, there are times when people who have faith do not get healed. Sometimes it has nothing to do with their faith. They have the faith (remember it only takes a small amount), but they haven’t received healing. I understand the desire to explain why this happens, but I do not agree that it is God’s will for them to remain sick. God’s will is wholeness, and Jesus told us to pray for what is true in Heaven to come on earth. This means that it is God’s will for a sick person to be healed on earth.

There are mysteries on this earth, just like in the book of Job. God never explained to Job why he lost his business, children, and health. Job was never told about the conversation that took place between God and Satan in the heavenly courtroom. In that story, you can see that Job’s friends accused him of not having enough faith in God and doing something to deserve punishment. God told them that they were wrong, and they were false witnesses of Job and God. Let’s be careful that we don’t make their same mistake. When we don’t understand something, we need to bring it to the Lord and refuse to explain a mystery we can’t comprehend.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

3 John 1:2 (NKJV)

Pharaoh thought he could negotiate Israel’s terms of freedom with God. Over and over, he said, “I’ll let them go, but…not the kids, not the animals, not too far away and they have to come back, etc.” Our God, Yahweh, the God of breakthrough, does not make negotiations with slave masters and neither should we. The Lord desires us to be totally free. His will is for everyone to be taken out of slavery with abundant provisions and stay free. Anything other than on God’s terms of total freedom is not of God. Don’t negotiate with darkness. Be free!

A Time to Pass Through

During this month of Passover, there is something in the book of Psalms that we should meditate on. The Lord instructs us to meditate on His word, day, and night! When we do this, it strengthens our spirit-man and gets our soul aligned with God’s word. Over the years, I have learned the art of meditating on God’s word. His word is life to our bones and strength to our spirit. Jesus tells us that man does not live on bread alone for sustenance, but on every word that comes out of God’s mouth.

This month is a time to pass through, and Psalm 100 is a place of empowerment from the Lord. We need to be invigorated with His power and His strength while we wait on Him for breakthrough. The entire Psalm is a good one to read when you wake up and before you go to bed. However, you must refuse to only be a hearer of the word! This word is given to us so that we may walk it out with action. Be a doer of His word and it will go well with you!

You can pass through his open gates with the password of praise. Come right into his presence with thanksgiving. Come bring your thank offering to him and affectionately bless his beautiful name! For the Lord is always good and ready to receive you. He’s so loving that it will amaze you– so kind that it will astound you! And he is famous for his faithfulness toward all. Everyone knows our God can be trusted, for he keeps his promise to every generation!

Pslam 100:4-5 (TPT)

Judah Goes First

Nissan is the first month of the biblical year, and it is connected to the tribe of Judah. If you want to learn more about this tribe, click here to see a previous post of mine on the topic of Judah and Nissan. This year, God has His eye on worshipers. Those who are within the tribe of Judah are being aligned by the Spirit of God for His glory. He is calling for those who have hearts like David, humble and tenacious, passionate for Jesus Christ. Watch the Lord draw them closer to Him and see the anointing and appointing of the Holy Spirit move these lowly servants of God to a place of promotion in His kingdom. There is a separation going on in His Church right now. The Lord is separating the sheep from the goats. He will not tolerate compromise with the world any longer in His Church.

Please join me in praying for those who are called into this ministry. Pray for the worship leaders in your church, they need strength and wisdom in this hour. God is calling for the ministers of sound to come closer to Him and align their instruments to the tune of His voice and the rhythm of His heart. My prayer is that the Church would arise and take their battle position, with Judah in front, leading the way. I prophesy that the tribe of Judah within the body of Christ will come into perfect alignment and harmony with Jesus Christ, the commander of angel armies! Now is the time to come before the Lord and receive His instructions for the years ahead, get your marching orders from the King of Kings! My spiritual eyes can see an army arising out of a graveyard of dry bones. I hear bones rattling, can you hear it too?

Then He said to me, “Prophesy to the breath, son of man, and say to the breath, ‘Thus says the Lord God, “Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe on these slain, that they may live.”’” So I prophesied as He commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they came to life and stood up on their feet, an exceedingly great army.

Ezekiel 37:9-10 (AMP)

Hei: Breath, Wind, and Praise

The Hebrew month of Nissan is associated with the Hebrew letter Hei. The pictograph of this letter is a picture of a man holding his hands up. This is the posture of the month of Nissan. When we lift our hands, it is a sign of surrender, and a picture of repentance. The Lord is inviting us to turn to Him this month, and stop going our own way. Jesus instructs us to love the Lord of our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Nissan is a time to ask the Holy Spirit, “Am I loving God with all of my heart? Am I loving Him with all of my soul? And all of my mind? And all of my strength?”

When the Lord shows you an area of compromise in your heart, soul, mind, or strength, confess that! Repentance is more than feeling sorry for ways that we have turned away from God’s instructions. It requires us to confess our sin, and ask God for mercy, and finally, turn away from that and move toward God. Repentance is the only way closer to the Lord, and that is what He desires for all of us. Jesus is called our Kinsman-Redeemer, and the Hebrew word for this is Geol. Jesus came to redeem you, but you have to give him permission. We give Jesus permission to redeem us when we repent and turn toward Him. Will you do this today?

In the book of Acts, we see a group of people coming before the Lord in humility and desperation. Jesus had left them, and they were waiting for the Holy Spirit to come. In that upper room, the Holy Spirit came and is described as both fire and wind. When people become desperate for the Holy Spirit, He comes with His wind and fire! After the celebration of Passover is the celebration of Pentecost, which is an appointed time of God. Pentecost represents a time to cry out for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Thus, Nissan is a time of preparation for God’s Spirit. Have you been filled with God’s Spirit? Do you need another filling? My prayer is that you would desire this and wait expectantly for His fresh wind!


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