Dreams- Part 6: Common Dreams

The Holy Spirit is our Guide through the obtrusiveness of our dreams. He is our Instructor who teaches us what category ours dreams fall into, and what the symbols in our dreams may be. And since He lives within every believer, He is available to us day and night. If we have questions or need wisdom or knowledge, all we must do is ask the Holy Spirit. This is important for us to remember because it says in the book of James, “You do not have because you do not ask.” We need to train ourselves to go to Holy Spirit first, before we seek interpretation from books or other sources.

If any of you lacks wisdom [to guide him through a decision or circumstance], he is to ask of [our benevolent] God, who gives to everyone generously and without rebuke or blame, and it will be given to him.

James 1:5

Jesus also tells us that, “everyone who asks receives, and he wo seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” I believe there are many believers in the Church today that are frustrated because of the doors locked in front of them. If they would allow Holy Spirit to instruct them in their dream language, many doors will be opened. My daily goal is to pursue the Holy Spirit, and when I do, He blows me away. Being connected daily to Holy Spirit is the best way to live, and I cannot fathom those who would reject His presence. My prayer is that you would go after the Spirit of God, fixing your eyes on Him and developing divine discernment. The days we are living in are evil, and so we desperately need to be connected to the Spirit of Truth who will keep us from the evil one. My other prayer is that you would develop a hunger for the Word of God, consuming it like your life depended on it. Truly, our lives do depend on the Word of God, and when we devour the Scriptures, new life is birthed within us. The Bible is how we learn the voice of God, and it is vital in our dream interpretation.

So far, we have explored different symbols (names and numbers, animals and colors, songs and smells), sources, and purposes of our dreams. Today we will explore the most common dreams. This, along with Holy Spirit, will hopefully illuminate some of the meanings behind these common dream elements. Various ministries have taken account of thousands of dreams from people around the world and have been able to decipher the most common dreams that people have. Below is a partial list of common types of dreams.

Dreams of Your Home

Dreams about your home is one of the top five most commons dreams. The dream could be a house you lived in growing up or your current home. The house usually represents your life, and each room embodies specific things in your life. For example, a bathroom represents cleansing. so if you have a dream that involves your bathroom, God may be showing you that there is a need for cleansing in your life. A kitchen typically represents the heart, or the mind (in an upstairs kitchen). It is a place of preparation, so if you are having a dream that involves the kitchen, it may pertain to something the Lord is preparing for you, or that you should prepare for. I have had dreams of my parent’s kitchen before. And the Holy Spirit was showing me something that I needed to break off of my spiritual inheritance and align with Him over my generational line.

Dreams of Vehicles

Vehicles represent the calling that God has on your life. The vehicle’s purpose is to take you from one point to another, and so cars, planes, buses, bikes, etc., may symbolize the type of ministry you are a part of or are meant to be a part of. Make note of the color, make, and model of the car in your dream. This will bring further insight on what God is calling you into. Observe who is in the car, and who is driving. Sometimes you may have a dream about another person, but they are faceless, or you can’t make out their face in the dream. This could mean that you haven’t met them yet, or it could represent the Holy Spirit as your driving guide. A couple of years ago I had a dream about driving a convertible. I got into the car and turned it on when suddenly people jumped in the back seat. I told them to get out because this wasn’t a taxi. The convertible in this dream represented a sense of freedom in my ministry. And the people who jumped in the backseat represented people within my sphere of influence who were trying to hitch a ride through my faith. I was able to confront the issue and share with them that they needed to seek the Lord on their own, and not rely on me to have faith for them.

Dreams of School

This is another very common dream. Typically, these dreams center around taking a test. Now a test could be for the purpose of promotion in your life. Not necessarily a financial promotion, but a spiritual one. You may also find yourself searching for your next class in a dream- an indication that you need guidance. A dream about repeating a class you already took may represent an opportunity the Lord is giving you to learn from past failures. There are limitless possibilities with this kind of dream. I have had dreams in the past where I come to a class unprepared for a test. Most of the time this is showing me that there is some stress in my life and worry about not being prepared. I can then hand the worry over to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to take me step by step.

Dreams Concerning Storms

These types of dreams tend to be intercessory or spiritual warfare dreams. If you have the gift of intercession or the discerning of spirits, you will have these dreams often. Storm dreams hint of things that are coming. God gives these dreams so that you can pray ahead of what may be coming against you or someone else. I had a dream over 5 tornadoes hovering over the sea. They were coming towards me and the people who were watching on a cliff. I chose to go higher up, and there were people who didn’t move, and even some who jumped off the cliff. So, I prayed that whatever was to come that I would have wisdom to come above the storm with Christ. Not long after this dream is when the pandemic hit. And I was able to keep my head above the fear and panic and listen to what the voice of God was saying.

Dreams of Being Naked

These dreams indicate a place of vulnerability. The purpose of these kinds of dreams is not to cause embarrassment but draw you into greater intimacy with the Lord and they may indicate a place where greater transparency is needed in your walk with Him. These dreams often happen during times of transition where you feel undone to be re-built. Surprisingly I have never experienced this dream before, but I know many people who have these dreams often.

Dreams of Flying or Soaring

Flying dreams show your spiritual ability to rise above problems or difficulties and take your place next to Jesus in the heavenly realm. When I was young, I had dreams about bears chasing after me, and in the dream, I would fly to escape their claws and teeth. This represented what God was calling me to do in prayer- take authority, seated with Christ in heavenly places above all my spiritual enemies. When you have these kinds of dreams you usually wake up feeling encouraged, and that is because these dreams tend to be edifying. Sometimes we need to be reminded of our place in the kingdom to help us through circumstances that rise up in our lives.

Dreams of the Condition of Your Teeth

Teeth dreams reveal a need for wisdom. Are your teeth loose, rotten, falling out, or are they clean and straightened? Do you have an overbite in the dream? Are you chewing your cud in a dream? Since teeth represent wisdom, loose teeth may be showing you that you need wisdom for something you are about to bite into. We know from scripture that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and so we must seek Him first for this. He gives wisdom to all who ask, so don’t be hesitant to ask for more. There is plenty to go around.

Dreams of Past Relationships

Dreams of former boyfriends or girlfriends may indicate that you are being tempted to fall back into old patterns of thinking. Depending on who the person is in the dream, and what this person may represent to you, these dreams may be an indication of your need to renew your former desires and godly passions for the good things in life. If it is someone who was bad for you, it might be a warning to you not to relapse into old habits and mind-sets that were not profitable. These dreams will take time to explore with the Lord but be sure to take time to discern the right meaning with the Holy Spirit.

Dreams of Birth

Dreams about giving birth are usually not literal but symbolic. Pay attention to the name that is given to the child. The name may indicate a new season that you are beginning with God and His purposes for your life. I had a dream about giving birth a while back and the child’s name was Isaac. This was significant to me because the name Isaac means a couple of different things. He was the child of promise, so the meaning of the name has to do with a promise of God being fulfilled. The name Isaac also means laughter, and at the time I was experiencing a season of grieving. After this dream took place, I saw a promise of God come to fruition in my life, and He turned my mourning into laughter.

Dreams of Death

These types of dreams usually are usually symbolic of something in your life that is passing away. Make note of dreams like this because there are times when resurrection is on the other side. In the book called Dream Language, James Goll describes a dream that he had of watching his own funeral take place. He was battling cancer at the time, and so this dream shook him to his core. The dream was in black and white, and so God was showing James that the enemy was attempting to put a spirit of death into his thoughts. God was strengthening James to stand both against the disease and the spirit of death operating behind it. It is important for us not to neglect engaging in battle over the insight God reveals to us in our dreams. He has given us mighty weapons to fight against our spiritual enemy!

Dreams of Falling

These types of dreams may reveal a fear that you have of losing control of some area of your life. On a positive note, there is a freedom that comes from releasing control to direct your own life. This may indicate an area where God wants you to let go of fear and begin to trust Him to finish what He started in you. Make note of what you fall into, because this is a key to proper understanding of the dream.

Dreams of Being Chased

Having dreams of being chased may reveal enemies that are at work in your life, pursuing to steal, kill, or destroy. But, as always, there can be a positive side to these dreams as well. The chase could indicate that God is pursuing you, so it’s important to make not of what is chasing you in the dream. What emotions are you feeling in the dream? Are you afraid? Or maybe you are the one doing the chasing in the dream. Who are you chasing? Why? Answering these questions will help you gain better understanding of the dream.

Dreams of Taking a Shower

Remember earlier how I mentioned that dreams about bathrooms represent a need for cleansing? These dreams of taking a shower indicate that something is in the process of being cleansed out of your life. These are good dreams to have because they indicate the sanctification process that a believer must go through to become more like Christ. When you have a dream like this, ask for the bloom of Jesus and get ready for new mercies upon your life that come every morning.

Dreams of Relatives, Alive or Dead

Dreams about people you are related to that have passed on are usually an indication of a generational issue at work in your life. It could be a curse or a blessing. You will need discernment from Holy Spirit to know how to accept the blessing or cut off the curse. These dreams could also be comforting in nature if it is a recent loss. They may help you walk through the grieving process, even if it is years later. So, when you have this kind of dream ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through the interpretation.

Dreams of Clocks and/or Watches

These kinds of dreams may reveal what time it is in your life, or a need to wake up to something spiritually. They may be about you or the Body of Christ, or even a nation. Carefully discern whom this dream is about. Are you a watchman on the wall? If so, what watch are you on? These dreams often lead us into intercession, so be sure to make note of any scripture that comes to mind during the dream of after.

Dreams Called Nightmares

Nightmare usually are more frequent in young children and new believers. They may reveal a generational enemy that needs to be cut off. They may also indicate the calling that God has on your life that the enemy wants to bring intimidation to stop you from moving forward in your destiny. You must stand against fear. Speak the opposite of fear, which is love, power, and a sound mind. Love casts out fear, for fear is connected to torment. Regarding children, it is an opportunity to teach them how to take authority after they have a nightmare. They need to know that there is a lie attached to fear, and Jesus does not want them to partner with this lie. We need to teach them how to speak the truth to the lies that come through nightmares.

Dreams of Snakes

Snakes are the most common of all the categories of animal dreams. These dreams reveal a deceptive serpent at work in your life through accusations, lying, attacks, etc. It is important to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the deception this dream in revealing so that you can avoid a trap that has been set for you by the enemy. I had a dream of a snake coming into my house. It was later revealed to me that I had unknowingly become affiliated with something that had demonic roots. The Lord continued to show me snakes in my waking hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t take heed to this warning, but I was able to see later on that God was trying to alert me to deception. The other common animal dreams involve spiders, bear, or alligators. Spiders and bears indicate an area of fear in your life. A spider can also be a symbol of witchcraft and the occult. I have had dreams of spiders in my dreams during times of intercession over my state, which is heavily involved in witchcraft. The Lord was revealing to me through these dreams that the root of the specific area that I was praying over was witchcraft. So, then I could focus my prayers on that, and I saw how much more effective they were when I had discerned the witchcraft behind it.

Dreams of Dogs and Cats

This is another very common animal dream that people have. A dog usually indicates friendship, loyalty, protection, and good feelings. But on the other hand, a dog in a dream may indicate a dark side. If the dog is growling, attacking, or biting, it could reveal a friend who is about to betray you. Dreams about cats vary in nature with everything from the feeling of being loved, to being smothered, to persnickety attitudes, the occult, and even witchcraft. Pay attention to the type of dog or cat in these dreams and whether they are domesticated or wild.

Dreams of Going Through Doors

These types of dreams usually indicate that a change is coming. It could be new ways of doing things, new opportunities, or new advancements that are on their way. There are many kinds of doors that could indicate different things. There could be dreams including elevators or escalators. Pay attention to whether you are going up or down in the dream. If you are going up, it could indicate that you are rising higher and indicate an area where you need to intercede. If you are going down, is there anything that you are bringing with you, or any person who is joining you? My daughter has had many dreams involving escalators and elevators. One time she was going down the escalator and Jesus was behind her. That dream was significant to her because she was learning that the Lord is her rear guard.

Dreams With Scripture Verses

Sometimes you will have a dream where a bible passage appears, indication a message from God. This can occur in sever different ways- verbal quotes where you hear a voice quoting the passage, digital clock-type readouts, or a dramatization of a scene from the Bible among many others. These dreams are usually given to watchmen and are a dream of instruction for their continuous calling of intercession for a city or nation. Many times, these dreams of Bible verses carry an impartation, so be sure to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what He wants to do with that dream. This may also be a time to study in greater depth the verse or passage revealed to you. When I was sick several years ago with an unknown illness, I kept seeing a strange passage from scripture of Elisha and the poisonous pot. I would see the numbers that revealed the chapter and verses, but then I also had dreams where I saw the men in the passage of scripture freaking out because they thought they would be poisoned. In the book of 2nd Kings, Elisha threw flour into the poisonous pot and it neutralized the poison. Later in my life, the Lord revealed that there was poison in my body, and I received healing through taking communion- consuming the bread of Christ, which was broken for my healing. This dream revealed the importance and the power behind taking communion as a believer.

For every time you eat this bread and drink this cup, you are [symbolically] proclaiming [the fact of] the Lord’s death until He comes [again].

1st Corinthians 11:26

I hope this was helpful to you and would love to hear what the Lord has been showing you in your dreams in the comments below. Stay tuned for another post of dreams. The next post will be about prayers to pray at night. Be sure to subscribe so that you are alerted when a new post is published.


Goll, James W. Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Revelations, and the Spirit of Wisdom. Destiny Image, 2006.

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