Dreams- Part 5: Types of Dreams

Dreams arise from three primary places. There are dreams that are from Holy Spirit, dreams from the natural man, and dreams that come from the demonic realm. It is important for us to properly discern the source of our dreams because that will help us with interpretation. This is something that cannot be done without Holy Spirit. He is the magnifying glass, the flashlight, seeing through to every source. Without Him, our dreams will remain mysterious, and can even lead us down the wrong path. As we develop into Christ, there is a need for Holy Spirit habitation.

Many believers today have a Holy Spirit visitation, where they experience the presence of God and receive from Holy Spirit. But when they leave the conference, or the church service, He is not invited to stay. This happens when we compartmentalize our spiritual walk with God, and if you want to mature in your faith, you will have to learn how to break those walls that you place God into. He wants to be invited to stay with you, in your heart, resting upon you, guiding you toward spiritual excellence.

The ministry of Holy Spirit can often be found in the mundane. I’ve learned this as a stay-at-home-parent over the last decade. When I do those seemingly meaningless tasks, that’s where I hear the Lord the most, that’s where He calls me into intercession. And the reason I believe is because He has been invited to habitat in my everyday life. I don’t box Him in, confining Him to move within my own agenda and plans. I have given Him permission to interrupt my day, and over time I have learned to just move towards wherever He is leading me. Like Abraham, I don’t know where I’m going and when I’ll get there, but I’m moving by faith towards my destiny in Christ with the help of Holy Spirit.

Dreams from the Holy Spirit

My prayer is that you would go from Holy Spirit visitation to habitation as we discover this subject of dreams. Surrender yourself to God, and He will do things beyond your greatest imagination and wildest dream! There is always more to discover about God, and it must be personal. We cannot live off another person’s revelation because it’s a relational journey with Jesus. One of the ways that the Holy Spirit calls to us is in dreams. While dreams from the Holy Spirit can be hard to categorize, I want to briefly discuss the twelve basic types of dreams that we receive from Holy Spirit.

Dreams of Destiny

Destiny dreams reveal part of the calling of God on your life. They mostly relate to your sphere of influence (in the New Testament, this is referred to as your metron). These types of dreams can be linked to the present time, or they may deal with the past, present, and future of your life. There are also panoramic dreams of destiny that cover past, present, and future. When it comes to these kind of dreams, it may take many years may pass before it is completely fulfilled. It is important to consider to any words you hear in a destiny dream because they will be impact the interpretation of the dream. Write these dreams down! Go back to them when you are discouraged. Dreams of destiny are exciting and boost our faith.

Dreams of Comfort

God wants to heal your emotions and memories in your sleep. And He often does this in something called “comfort dreams.” We can use these dreams to reinterpret circumstances of our past with a spiritual lens, helping us to see things differently. We need this to have a healthy mindset. In other words, comfort dreams give us a heavenly perspective on an earthly situation so that we can receive emotional healing. When I was greatly discouraged after losing a friend who rejected me and abandoned our friendship without any explanation, I received a comfort dream. In this dream, I saw myself as a young kid in elementary school. I was sitting on a bench alone while other kids were playing on the playground. When the tears started pouring down my face, I saw a man sitting with me on the bench. He had his arm around me, and I saw his eyes swell up with tears. In that moment, I heard him say, “Don’t be afraid. I am with you.” I knew this was not just any man, but Jesus himself. It offered me a lot of emotional healing related to the feeling of abandonment. It also showed me that the root of my issue was fear, and I was able to exchange the lie attached to the fear and replace it with the truth. Comfort dreams release assurance and stir up love. They will help you love yourself better, love God better, and love others better as well.

Dreams of Edification

When you wake up from a dream of edification, you feel like you can conquer the world. The purpose is to stir up your hope, and courage. If you are in a slump of feeling beat-down and discouraged, you may receive a dream of edification that will remove all your discouragement. A good example of an edification dream comes from the book of Genesis. Jacob had tricked his father into giving him his brother Esau’s blessing. Esau was on the hunt to kill Jacob for what he did, and so Jacob was in the wilderness, terrified and downcast. He suddenly had an incredible edification dream. Jacob dreamed of a ladder reaching from earth to Heaven with angels going up and down on it and God standing at the top. In this dream, God promised to go with Jacob and prosper him. This dream both encouraged Jacob and changed the trajectory of his life. In that same way, edification dreams can change the course of your life.

Dreams of Exhortation

Also known as “courage dreams,” these dreams of exhortation have a great sense of urgency. While edification dreams produce hope, exhortational dreams produce faith. They encourage us to get up and do something for Jesus. Dreams of exhortation also reveal an accurate, detailed picture of what is going on behind the scenes, especially in the demonic realm. I have personally had many of these kinds of dreams. There was one time when I tapped into a demonic frequency and heard demons talking about their strategies. This revelation is for the purpose of challenging us to take an action step about what we have seen. I was able to accurately war in the spirit over the situation, and see the Lord have victory in that area. So, if you have this kind of dream, take courage and act!

Dreams of Correction

Corrective dreams reveal personal changes (character issues, heart issues, repentance issues) that we need to make to be able to move forward into our destiny. These are not condemning dreams because the Holy Spirit never condemns. He comes with tender love and draws us to turn to Him and accept His correction. This kind of dream will seem unsettling, and that’s the point. Corrective dreams are given to irritate us and stir us up; even making us angry sometimes because our natural man does not always want to respond to the things of God. But God, in His immeasurable patience and loving kindness, relentlessly pursues us. Because He wants to perfect us, He sometimes uses dreams of correction. Do not shy away from these kind of dreams. Receive correction without guilt or shame and you will align yourself with God in every way.

Dreams of Direction

Directive dreams have a higher level of revelation and are usually prophetic in nature. Often, they will bear a sense of urgency. Their purpose is to give specific guidance, which may even include warnings. An example of this in the Bible when God warned the wise men not to return to Herod after they found Jesus. This prompted them to choose a different route home. Sometimes, directive dreams will awaken a desire for some spiritual quality or dimension that we do not yet have and inspire us to begin pursuing it. Dreams of direction serve to help us get farther down the road toward fulfilling our destiny and purpose. They are a map to us of where God wants us to go.

Dreams of Instruction

While directive dreams direct our walk, instruction dreams teach us. Scriptures are often highlighted in this kind of dream, and many times you will hear a voice speaking to you. A few years ago, I had a dream about the Courtroom of Heaven. I saw Jesus standing before God as a defense attorney, and Satan was the prosecutor. Satan’s desk was full of evidence against God’s people, but Jesus held up His hands to show the evidence that all Satan’s proof is now expunged from the record. I heard the scripture from Revelation 12:11, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” This was a foundational truth that I needed in years to follow this dream. There have been many times that I have needed to join Jesus in the Heavenly Courtroom in prayer on behalf of our family, the Church, and our Nation. Instructive dreams impart teaching with wisdom.

Dreams of Cleansing

Cleansing dreams are also known as “flushing dreams.” The reason for this is because one of the most common symbols associated with a cleansing dream is the bathroom. It can either be on the toilet or taking a shower. These types of dreams deal with detoxing or cleansing issues. Another word for this is sanctification, or the purification process that we go through as we grow up in Christ. The purpose of cleansing dreams is to remove and wash away the things we have picked up by walking in the world. Remember that Jesus tells us to be in the world, but not of it (John 15:19, John 17:14-16). Right now, Christ is preparing His Bride as one without spot or blemish. Sometimes our hearts and minds can become tainted by our contact with the sin or evil in the world. Sin is a form of pollution and can affect believers in different ways. In the Song of Songs, the Bridegroom is telling His Bride that there are troubling foxes that are hindering their relationship. He compels His Bride to catch those foxes together with Him, and this is to repair connection. Sin causes a rift in our relationship with God, and so Jesus is always calling us to allow Him to repair that connection to the Father. These cleansing dreams are all about the application of the cleansing blood of Jesus in our lives. The blood of Jesus is incredibly strong and destroys the power of sin in our lives so that we can accomplish all the things that God has called us to.

Dreams of Revealing the Heart

Our heart is complex, and there are so many things that can be hidden within our hearts. The only one who knows what is inside is the One who created our heart. And so, when it comes to dreams that reveal the heart, they Lord is revealing what is hidden. These dreams are also known as dreams of self-disclosure or dreams of self-condition. While the world tells us to follow our heart, the Bible tells us something completely different. Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The heart is deceitful above all things and it is sick; who can understand it fully and know its secret motives?” And Jesus said, “For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.” Self-disclosure dreams show us where we currently are standing with God. For example, let’s say you have a dream where you are driving around in a round-about. Never exiting and being stuck in one place. This could be revealing that there is something holding you back from moving forward with the Lord. It could be a fear or a wrong motive. God doesn’t want you to remain stuck, so He will keep revealing truth to you so that you can realign with Him and move forward. These dreams are given to us so that we can know where to go, and what to do. It is our responsibility to seek the meaning of these dreams so that we can be aligned with the will of God.

Dreams of Spiritual Warfare

We are often called to prayer in something called a spiritual warfare dream. These kinds of dreams are intercessory dreams that reveal Satan’s schemes or hidden barriers that are obstructing God’s people or the will of God from operating in the earth. The purpose of these kinds of dreams is to encourage us to press in through to the victory, tearing down strongholds and overcoming every obstacle that stands in the way. There have been many dreams I have had where the Lord reveals the strategies of the demonic realm against people in the Body of Christ. These strategies operate under an “umbrella,” or a group of people that Satan is targeting. Last year, the Lord revealed to me in a dream that there was an umbrella attack against the homeschool family. He gave me specific scripture to declare over those in the homeschooling community, and when I shared this on social media, I had many people say that they were in fact under attack, and that it broke when they declared those scriptures over their home and family.

Earlier this year, I had a dream about the “feast of Luna.” In my dream, I saw the elite celebrating, but the festival was disrupted by the sound of a shofar! When I researched it, I found out that the next evening was the “feast of Luna,” where people worship the moon goddess that is connected to the word “April.” This dream took place right before the Hebrew month of Nissan, which is linked to the tribe of Judah. And so, I started playing songs about the Lion of Judah, and worshiping God in my home. We even blasted our shofar! God wants to arm us to be effective in the battle! For our fight is not with people, but it is with rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this [present] darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) places (Ephesians 6:12). Take note of these dreams and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in taking authority over the situations that arise from them.

Dreams of Creativity

Creative dreams involve designs, inventions, and new ways of doing things. I have a dear friend who has had these kinds of dreams recently. She had one dream where the Lord revealed to her the recipe for the perfect quiche. She made it the next day and said it was the best quiche she had ever tasted! Life with the Lord is fun, and He is always looking for ways to bless us, just because He loves us. There are other people who have had dreams of fixing a computer program when they had no previous experience doing so. God is a Creator by nature, and He loves to give creative dreams to His children.

Dreams with Impartation

Impartation dreams activate the spiritual gifts of God to His people. It could be the gift of healing, the gift of faith, the gift of miracles, or many others. In some cases, an angel of the Lord may appear in your room and touch you, releasing Heaven’s power. In the early summer of 2020, I had an encounter like this, and God imparted the gift of faith in me. This gift was needed so that I would be able to quickly obey Him when He told me to jump out of my car that had gone rouge in October of 2020 (You can read about that here). These are powerful dreams that mark you forever, and I pray that you receive dreams like this soon!

Dreams from the Natural Man

Some dreams are not supernatural in nature but come for our natural man. These “natural” dreams generally fall into one of three categories: body dreams, chemical dreams, or soulish dreams. These dreams are not supernatural, but we still should pay attention to them. We need the Holy Spirit to help us discern the difference between the natural and the supernatural.

Body Dreams

These dreams arise mainly from the physical condition of the person who is dreaming. So, a person who is sick may have a dream about being sick, or a person experiencing depression or grief may have dreams that reflect their state of mind. Don’t ignore these types of dreams, because they can provide clues to the changes that we need to make in our natural life. Our body speaks to us in many ways so that we can know what is going on and deal with it properly.

Chemical Dreams

Chemical dreams, also known as hormone dreams, usually come because of medications we are taking. Or they may happen to pregnant women who are going through a lot of hormonal changes. Quite often, these kinds of dreams reveal the need for our bodies to go through some physical cleansing. There are medications that end up building up in our bodies that can cause issues in the future, and these dreams can reveal that your body wants you to either stop the medication or find another way to support your body’s detox centers. Chemical dreams reveal imbalances in your body, and that can help you to better take care of yourself.

Soulish Dreams

The word “Soulish” here is different than the word fleshly. Our souls are constantly being renewed in Christ- but we are all in various stages of renewal. Soulish dreams can often be our emotions expressing our needs or desires. Like chemical dreams reveal what is going on in the body to us so that we can take care of ourselves, soulish dreams reveal what is operating within our soul, helping us move forward in the sanctifying power of Jesus Christ. There are a lot of things within our souls that are hard for us to see when we are awake, and so these dreams have great value to our well-being.

Dreams from the Demonic Realm

Unfortunately, the third and final source of dreams that we must recognize and properly discern are that of the demonic realm. Satan loves to mimic God, and because he can’t create anything, he produces a counterfeit in dreams. Demonic dreams tend to fall into any of the following types: dark dreams, dreams of fear and/or panic, and dreams of deception. It’s important to remember that Jesus Christ has given us authority in the night over our dreams, but that doesn’t mean that Satan won’t still try to frighten or intimidate us at night. We must learn how to pray before we go to bed, and after we wake up from a demonic dream. There will be a blog post in the future that shows how we can pray over our children and take authority at night.

Dark Dreams

Dark dreams are dark in mood and tone: somber, depressing, melancholy dreams; dreams where everything is a little bit twisted, where something seems off. Dark dreams are usually dark with subdued or muted colors. So in these dreams, you will see lots of black, gray, and sickly green shades (see this post for more on the significance of colors in dreams). The lack of bright or vibrant colors is one way to determine whether a dream is from Satan. We need to ask God for a cleansing after receiving these dreams. And sometimes there can be dark chemical dreams that are a result of involvement with witchcraft and illegal drug use. If this happens to you, repent, turn to the Lord, and seek help. You may need to find a deliverance ministry in your area to walk through breaking agreements with the demonic realm, reestablishing your connection to the Heavenly Kingdom of light.

Dreams of Fear and/or Panic

These types of dreams are also known as nightmares. Dreams of fear and panic often arise from trauma, so rebuking the fear and panic may not be enough. You will want to ask the Holy Spirit to heal the trauma, and the Lord will send His ministering angels to administer healing to your memories. There may also be a root of fear that needs to be renounced and replaced with God’s truth. The Lord can reveal the root of the frightening dream so that repentance, cleansing, or healing can take place in your life. A lot of times, if a child has a sensitivity to the supernatural, or a gift, Satan will try to intimidate them when they are young. He wants to make children believe that they are helpless against his schemes. This is a time to teach children how to exercise their divine authority in Christ and ward off these dreams in Jesus’ name. To learn more about how to equip your children for spiritual warfare, I recommend the book Small But Mighty by Sharee Dorsett.

Dreams of Deception

Deceptive dreams are often the work of lying spirits, which the Bible says will be active in the last days, “But the [Holy] Spirit explicitly and unmistakably declares that in later times some will turn away from the faith, paying attention instead to deceitful and seductive spirits and doctrines of demons” (1 Timothy 4:1). These dreams are purposed to take us from security in Christ to a place of insecurity. They create images and impressions in our minds that will turn us away from God’s will and into the darkness of error and heresy. Deceptive dreams can cause us to make mistakes in our doctrine, finances, sexuality, relationships, career choices, parenting, ministry, or others. We must exercise careful discernment. And we need to keep walking in the light of transparent relationships with other believers, because this is ammunition that overcomes the deceptive spirit.

This may seem like an overwhelming list if you are just beginning to tap into the realm of dream language. I would encourage you to be patient with yourself as you are learning and experiencing this communication tool of God that is dreams. As you grow and progress, you will be able to identify and interpret the messages you receive. The King of the Universe is with you, and He will lovingly guide you along the way in your learning about dreams. We are in school with Christ, and each person is at a different place with different experiences and educational tools. He gives us what we need to rule at night so that we can rule with Him during the day!

I hope this was helpful to you, and would love to hear what the Lord has been showing you in your dreams in the comments below. Stay tuned for another post of dreams. The next post will be about the 20 most common dreams. Be sure to subscribe so that you are alerted when a new post is published.


Goll, James W. Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Revelations, and the Spirit of Wisdom. Destiny Image, 2006.

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